The most common car Air Condition problem is that the Air Conditioning unit in your car does not cool the inside of the car.


    Usually the reason for this is that the Air Conditioning unit on the vehicle has not been re-charged for some time or there may be leaks in the car's Air Conditioning system. Other possible causes could be a faulty compressor, a leaking joint or a seal drying out.


    It is known that car Air Conditioning systems lose approximately 10-15% of the refrigerant every year. Manufacturers recommend that Air Conditioning systems should be serviced and re-charged every two years.

    How Does Air Conditioning Work ?

    Air conditioning’s main function is to transfer heat from within the cabin to the vehicle‘s exterior. The heart of all modern systems is its refrigerant either R134a or R1234 air conditioning gasses which almost every new and used car utilises at the time of writing.


    Aside from the physical dangers, such as severe frostbite, R134a is also harmful to the atmosphere, which is why a DIY enthusiast should never attempt to discharge an air conditioning system at home.


    Running your air conditioning all year round will help maintain the system. If you run the air conditioning in the winter it will help to keep the system well lubricated and leak proof. This is because the refrigerant actually carries the oil that lubricates the system and most importantly the compressor.


    Strange noises coming from the air conditioning should be looked at immediately. If your air-con system suddenly starts making noises you have not heard before it is very advisable to have a qualified specialist have a look at it. Some noises could be early symptoms of a compressor failure (the compressor is the air conditioning pump).


    The compressor is usually the most expensive part on the system and if the bearings in your compressor break down or if the compressor seizes up it also means that other components can become contaminated with metal particles.


    A flush of the system would then be needed as well as replacement of the compressor, the receiver/drier and the expansion valve – all adding to the expense of the operation.


    Excessive moisture inside the car can usually be fixed easily, sometimes the drain tube from the evaporator may become blocked or detached allowing the condensation to build up inside the evaporator. If this occurs water will just build up inside your car to a point where there are damp carpets and high humidity. These problems can be solved with low-cost servicing.


    Many of the issues surrounding your car’s air conditioning unit can be avoided if you have the system serviced regularly. The compressor needs oil, or else it will seize up or the filter collects debris and moisture.


    If the filter becomes blocked, then the performance of the system will deteriorate and it can even stop working entirely. Normally the refrigerant gas in a car air conditioning system has to be recharged completely within four years from the manufacture date, and thereafter every two to three years.


    At Ecotest we can completely service and maintain all aspects of your in car air-con unit, and keep you running as cool as the day it left the manufacturers !


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    Never remove any pipe from the air conditioning circuit, without having the gas evacuated first by an approved air conditioning specialist.


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