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If you want quality car servicing in Bracknell, done by the top technicians in your area, come and see us at ECO Test.

ECO Test is one of the largest independent service centres in the Bracknell and Ascot area. As a family-run business, we’re proud to keep the people of our community safe on the roads.

Over the last 20 years, we’ve built a reputation for excellence by using only the best equipment and parts to get the job done. So whatever vehicle you own, you’re guaranteed a high quality, affordable service that keeps your warranty intact.

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ECO Test Bracknell

Some of Our Customer Feedback

ECO Test Bracknell

Why do I need my car servicing?

There are a few reasons why you should get your car serviced:

ECO Test Bracknell


You might think passing your MOT means your car is going to be fine for another year. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. 

An MOT makes sure your vehicle is roadworthy, which is the minimum you need to stay on the road. A car service is much more thorough. It improves your vehicle and keeps it running at its best. You’re far safer on the road after a car service.


Getting your car serviced is a simple way to save money on your car.

After a car service with Eco Test, you have a much more efficient engine, which means more miles to the gallon. Plus, we fix problems that would have become expensive if they’d been left longer.

ECO Test Bracknell


A serviced car is a dependable car. There’s never a good time for your car to fail you. Don’t risk it. A service reduces the stress in your life by knowing you have a vehicle you can rely on.

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You’ve invested in your car. Surely you want it to run smoothly for years to come. Well, that’s exactly what a car service does. It keeps your car running at its peak for longer.

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How do I know when my car needs servicing?

There are a few ways to tell if it’s time to give your vehicle a service:

  1. Check your service schedule
  2. Is your service light on?
  3. If you’ve traveled between 10,000 and 20,000 miles this year it’s probably time for a servicing.

Come and see us if you’re not sure. We’re 100% transparent and always have your safety and your vehicle’s performance in mind.

ECO Test Bracknell

What happens in a full service? What do you check/replace?


Lighting & Visibility – Front and rear lights, windscreen, wipers, exterior mirrors and registration plate.


Steering, Drive & Suspension – Car joints, gaiters, wheel barriers, road springs, and front and rear shock absorbers.


Vehicle Interior – Seat belts, horn, hazard lighting, vehicle controls and driver displays.


Braking – Each brake component will be inspected and measured. If it’s required, we’ll also dismantle your brakes and clean them for you.


Under Bonnet – Full visual examination for any leaks or service items that need replacing, including air filter, oil filter, spark plugs and drive belt. If any need replacing, we’ll replace them.


Under Vehicle – Under trays removed and checked. Engine oil drained. Transmission and fuel lines inspected for leaks. And, we’ll replace your fuel filter if it needs replacing.


Tyre Inspection – We inspect your wheels and tyres – including pressure and tread – to make sure they’re optimal. And, where necessary, we’ll check your spare wheel or inflation kit too.


Final Checks – Brake fluid and antifreeze are checked, and your engine filled with new oil. Finally, your car is road tested and your service book or online serviced record updated.

How quickly can you fit me in?

We’re one of the largest independent garages in the Bracknell area and we’ll always do our best to see you whenever is best for you.

Please call us to arrange a convenient time to bring your car in. We’re open 8am-6pm Monday-Friday.

ECO Test Bracknell

Keeping you updated every step of the way...

As a local, family-run business, transparency is one of our core values.

We’ll never do anything to your vehicle without speaking to you first, so you’ll never face hidden charges or added fees.

We’ll give your car an initial inspection when you bring it in and talk you through any repairs we think are needed. If you agree, we’ll start them straight away.

For a great quality car service, come see us at ECO Test Bracknell.

ECO Test Bracknell

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