ECO TEST provides full car engine diagnostics and fault code reading on all major makes and models of vehicles.


    If you’re worried about a warning light on your dashboard and you’re not sure what the problem is, bring your car down to us and we will check out the problem for you ASAP.


    Our test centre has all the latest diagnostic equipment to enable efficient and accurate diagnosis of problems in your car’s engine unit.


    Engine management faults

    Any new vehicle will rely on increasingly complex electrical systems such as their engine unit, which helps to identify problems.


    You will be able to tell when your car doesn’t feel right and it will be highly likely there’s a fault in its engines management, temperature, brakes, air bags, ignition or fuel system.

    Electrical Diagnostics Checks

    Diagnostic checks can be carried out on most vehicles with our diagnostic plug-in computer system, things such as faulty engine management warning lights, air bag warning lights, service schedule lights etc.


    Engine management warning lights that remain on mean there is a problem with the onboard computer system in your car. If this problem is not rectified it can cause damage to the engine components and in turn cause you to use more fuel, which can damage your exahaust system, catalytic converter and Lambda sensors, all expensive components to replace.


    For a diagnostic check on your car or van we normally charge 1/2 an hour labour. After the diagnostic check we will call you with report and price for parts and repair.

    We cover local areas Bracknell, Ascot, Warfield, Winkfield, Crowthorne, Wokingham and Sunningdale etc.


    Today’s cars have an onboard computer diagnostics (OBD) system that continually analyses the status of the vehicle’s components.


    If you are experiencing problems such as excessive smoke coming from the exhaust, problems starting, stalling or increased fuel consumption, we have all the latest diagnostic equipment to locate the problem


    As a result, it allows us to perform accurate testing and repairs for our customers in the area


    Our aim is to return your car to you fully repaired and back on the road as quickly as possible.



    What’s involved in car diagnostic testing?

    Your vehicle is linked up to our engine diagnostic software so that it can identify the make and model of your vehicle.


    Every car is different and therefore contains a number of different codes relating to each problem area in your car. In other words, there could be hundreds of different fault codes relating to one component within your car.


    Having the latest equipment allows us to diagnose and repair nearly every make and model of vehicle. Once we’ve connected your car to the diagnostic tool, the system will run and generate a code so we can quickly identify any problems and get your car running smoothly. In addition to this, we continually upgrade our equipment and software which enables our skilled technicians to diagnose faults quickly and efficiently.


    During your engine diagnostic test, we can search for faults in your engine, electrics, air conditioning and safety-related systems that are creating the problem.

    Warning lights and electrical faults


    We can find and fix all types of electrical fault, including those relating to:

    • ABS brakes

    • Ignition and Injection Systems

    • Battery Systems

    • Central Locking

    • Air Conditioning and Climate Control

    • Engine Management

    • SRS, Safety Systems (Airbags, Warning Lights, Crash Sensors, Replacement Modules etc)

    • Diesel Faults, Including Removal and Fitting of Injectors and Pumps and Diesel Particulate Filters

    • Traction Control/ESP

    • Automatic and Manual Transmission

    • Warning Lights For Engine and Airbags


    If you’re having problems with your engine, warning lights are appearing on your dashboard or you’re not sure what the problem is with your car, contact us or book online for car diagnostic testing and engine fault reading today.


    We pride ourselves on having the latest equipment, highly trained mechanics all at affordable prices – you will find it hard to beat the value that you get at ECO TEST.


    In addition to our car diagnostic tests, we also provide car servicing, MOT testing and general car repairs for our customers in Bracknell and surrounding areas.


    Book online with 24-hour access today!


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