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Land Rover Ascot

Land Rover Ascot

Looking for a specialist to service your Land Rover Ascot, but haven’t seen the right price? Haven’t found the bespoke service you want for your Land Rover Ascot repairs? Then ECO Test have just what you need.

Let’s be honest, Land Rovers are different from other cars. We know that our customers choose Land Rover vehicles for their power, agility, and reliability. As an owner, you know all about that. So, you’ll appreciate how they need an expert touch.

And, because we’re Land Rover specialists, that’s exactly what you get at ECO Test; expert service with a completed service history to make sure your warranty is maintained

With our Land Rover Ascot service, you can be sure that you’ll save time and money. That’s because maintaining your car at peak condition helps you avoid repeat repairs and increases your fuel efficiency.


Land Rover Ascot

Why choose ECO Test?

We’re specialists (and enthusiasts) in the service and repair of all Jaguar Land Rover classes and models. Our technicians are equipped with the best industry knowledge and skills to provide your Land Rover with the specialised service it needs. We’re committed to giving you a safer, smoother drive, and prolonging the lifespan of your car.

Our Land Rover Ascot service makes the upkeep of your car a breeze. We are conveniently situated in Bracknell – so you won’t need to travel to Slough or Reading, for a quality Land Rover service. And, as we’re an independent garage, we won’t be beaten on price.

What’s more, when you book with ECO Test, you support the environment and the community – we operate on 100% renewable energy and recycle our waste oil, oil filters, tyres, exhausts, batteries, paper and cardboard.

What are you waiting for? Book your tailored Land Rover Ascot service today.

Land Rover Ascot

For your Land Rover servicing in Ascot, book your appointment now!

ECO Test Bracknell

Some of Our Customer Feedback

ECO Test Bracknell

Why do I need my Land Rover servicing?

There are four vital reasons to book our specialised Land Rover Ascot service:

ECO Test Bracknell


It only takes one small fault to suffer a breakdown. When you book a bespoke Land Rover service with ECO Test, our technicians follow Jaguar Land Rover methods to ensure all parts and systems are safe and sound. Catch those hidden faults, before they catch you.


A regular car service picks up on small problems early on, which are easier and cheaper to fix. Book our bespoke service for your Land Rover in Ascot today to make immediate savings, with lasting results.

ECO Test Bracknell


You’ve invested in a high-speck Jaguar Land Rover – why let it fall into disrepair? Our thorough service finds small, hidden faults before they turn into large repairs. By caring for your Land Rover, you avoid inopportune breakdowns and failed MOTs – so you can stay on the road without a hitch.

ECO Test Bracknell


Land Rovers are built to last, but they aren’t completely unsusceptible to wear and tear. Our Land Rover Ascot service enhances the quality and condition of your car, bringing you better performance and preventing signs of ageing.

Book your car service now!

For a quality service, come and see us today.

How do I know when my Land Rover needs servicing?

On average, you should expect to service your car at least every 12-24 months. If you can’t remember the last time you serviced your Land Rover, we recommend you contact us as soon as possible. 

When you book our bespoke Land Rover Ascot service, we create a dedicated service plan tailored to your lifestyle and needs. We also notify you 4 weeks before your next service is due.

Land Rover Ascot

What happens in a full Land Rover service?


Lighting & VisibilityThe front, rear, and internal lights are rigorously checked for optimal performance. All windows, mirrors, and wipers are reviewed for chips, faults, and weak areas. Registration plates are cleaned and maintained for clarity and sturdiness.


Under BonnetA full under bonnet inspection ensures there are no leaks or faults, and all components are in working order. Where required, we replace the air filter, oil filter, spark plugs, and drive belts.


Vehicle InteriorSeat belts are tested in line with safety standards to ensure there are no flaws in the mechanism or belt material. All internal controls are checked, such as the horn, hazard light button, and other vehicle controls for responsiveness and function. Using diagnostics, we complete full system analysis. This includes reviewing the air conditioning, making sure warning messages are addressed, and checking for intermittent and permanent faults flagged by the computer.


Steering, Drive & SuspensionWheel alignment is analysed, and all joints, gaiters (protective sleeves on vehicle parts), and wheel bearings are extensively inspected for sturdiness and function. The front and rear shock absorbers and road springs are tested to ensure the suspension functions effectively and maintains the right level of friction. 


BrakingBoth the front and rear brake mechanisms are checked and measured in line with safety requirements, allowing us to accurately report on their service life.


Under VehicleThe trays under your car are removed and the engine oil is drained. The transmission is then checked for leaks, rust, and corrosion.


Tyre InspectionAll wheels and wheel nuts are inspected for sturdiness, weak points, and corrosion. Tyres reads are inspected for significant wear, and tyre pressures are adjusted prior to refitting. We also check your spare wheel and/or inflation kit if appropriate for your vehicle.


Final ChecksWe assess the brake fluid and conduct an antifreeze test – crucial for road safety, especially during winter months. Finally, we fill your engine with new oil – this is vital for engine cleanliness and performance.

How quickly can you fit me in?

We’re one of the largest independent garages in the Bracknell area and we’ll always do our best to fit you in.

So if you need an appointment ASAP, give us a call to arrange a time to bring your car in.

We’re open 8am-6pm Mon-Fri and 8am-1pm Saturday.

ECO Test Bracknell

How will I be kept informed on the progress of my Land Rover service?

We’re committed to providing an open and honest service.

Following an assessment, we provide a full report on the service life of parts such as your brakes, suspension, tyres, and so on.

From here, we recommend any minor or major repairs – and if you’re happy to go ahead with the work, we complete it right away.

ECO Test Bracknell

Land Rover Ascot

For your Land Rover servicing in and around Ascot, book your appointment now!