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Are you looking for a high-quality MOT in Wokingham, carried out by the finest technicians in the local area? If so, read on… 

At ECO Test, we MOT  your car, van, motorbike or 4X4 while you wait, and we can often offer same-day appointments. All you have to do is sit back in our comfortable waiting area and let us do what we do best.

We’re the leading independent garage in your area, so why go out of your way when the best is right on your doorstep?

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Some of Our Customer Feedback

MOT at ECO Test

What is an MOT?

An MOT is a yearly inspection that makes sure your car meets roadworthiness and emission standards. It is required by law.

If you drive a car more than 3 years old without a valid MOT, you could face a £1,000 fine and invalidate your insurance. Vehicles more than three years old must be submitted for testing at an authorised MOT centre (that’s us!).

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Difference of an MOT and a Service

An MOT is a legal requirement. You must get an MOT every year whether you like it or not.

The purpose of an MOT is to make sure your vehicle meets the minimum standards to be on the road, while a service keeps your vehicle at its best. It tests to ensure everything is running smoothly and repairs any damage so you’re not hit with expensive repairs or a breakdown at the worst time.

When is my MOT due?

Once a year.

If you’re unsure when your MOT is due, give us a call.

A WARNING: Many people will tell you that you get a two week grace period after your MOT has expired in which to renew it. This is not true. It is illegal to be on the road from the moment your MOT expires.

After you’ve had your first MOT with ECO Test, we’ll contact you when your next MOT is due. That way, you’ll never forget to get it done.

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How quickly can you get me in?

Give us a call to arrange a convenient date to bring your vehicle in.

We’re open 8am-6pm, Mon-Fri and 8am-1pm on Saturday. And, we can usually MOT your car within days of you calling.

Can I book early?

Of course. We would actually recommend getting your MOT booked in early, as it’s another thing off your mind. You can book your MOT with us up to 4 weeks before it’s due without facing a penalty. Give us a call or book online.

Need work doing?

If your vehicle needs work doing to pass the MOT, we can do it straight away. We’ll tell you what needs doing and if you’re happy for us to go ahead, we’ll get to work. And, don’t worry, we won’t do any repairs without talking to you first.

Big bill?

If it’s a big bill how can I pay? Big bills can be a pain and we know how important it is that you stay on the road. That’s why we have finance plans available, so you can split the payment, reduce stress and keep on driving.

Will you keep me informed about the progress of my MOT?

Of course! We’re 100% transparent, and you’ll be kept informed every step of the way.

When you arrive, one of our technicians will give your vehicle an initial assessment. They’ll discuss any repairs that are needed before your MOT certificate can be issued.

If you’re happy with our assessment, we’ll get the repairs done for you there and then.

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Why ECO Test Wokingham?

For over 20 years, we’ve been performing MOTs for the people of Wokingham. During that time we’ve carried out top quality work on 1000s of vehicles.

As a family-run business, we’re committed to keeping the local community safe and sound on the road. We’ve built our reputation by being honest and always delivering excellent results for our customers.

Our highly trained technicians are among the best in the area. And, we only use the finest equipment and parts, so if your vehicle needs any repairs, you get the best service around at Eco Test.

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Book your Wokingham MOT today

An MOT at ECO Test only costs £54.85 So for a quality MOT, come and see us today.