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Suspension Bracknell

Suspension Bracknell

A well-functioning suspension system consists of a series of parts working in harmony to reduce the effects of speed bumps, potholes and old country roads, giving you a comfy ride.

However, if your suspension alignment is faulty your braking distance increases, and you’ll gradually lose control around corners, as well as facing other problems.

Don’t put yourself in unnecessary danger, come and see us as soon as you can. We’ll soon have your suspension performing properly.

Suspension Bracknell
ECO Test Bracknell

Some of Our Customer Feedback

Suspension Bracknell

How long does car suspension last?

It varies depending on the make and model of your vehicle. You should get your car inspected once you have 40,000 miles on the clock and then annually after that.

However, if you notice any problems, don’t wait. Come and see us straight away.

Driving with broken suspension?

It is not recommended to drive with broken suspension. Although you can, the car will sag, make noise and the alignment will be off. Expect a rough ride.

Most importantly, you’ll find it difficult to control your vehicle in an emergency. Don’t risk it. Come and see us.

How much is it going to cost to repair my suspension?

Please call us to get a quote. We are open 8am-6pm Mon-Fri and 8am-1pm Saturday.

How can I tell if I have an issue with my suspension?

If you’re worried your wheel alignment is off, get it checked out immediately. Here are some noticeable signs that there is a problem:

  • Your car starts to pull to one side
  • Your tyres begin to wear out faster than normal or unevenly
  • Your steering wheel is crooked when driving straight
  • Your tyres start to squeal while the car is moving
Suspension Bracknell

Is repairing a car suspension a big job?

It can be, due to the complexity of the system and the work needed. However, our team of technicians are super skilled and have tons of experience repairing suspensions on all sorts of vehicles. You won’t get a more efficient service.

We’ll always talk to you before we begin any work and let you know the estimated time the job will take.

Eco Test Bracknell

Why ECO Test for your suspension?

If you live in Bracknell, Ascot or the surrounding areas, we’re super convenient. Why go out of your way when you’ve got a leading garage nearby?

As an RAC approved and AA certified service centre, quality is assured. We’ve got a talented team of technicians and we use the most advanced equipment in the area to guarantee your suspension is accurately aligned and performing at its finest.

Our reputation in the local area rests on our ability to continuously deliver excellent results. Ask around about us, you’ll hear nothing but good things.

ECO Test Bracknell

Suspension Bracknell

For a quality suspensions service that you can trust, come see us at ECO Test.